Matthew Kaner

Glints in the Water

Glints in the Water was written during my residency as Embedded Composer with BBC Radio 3 (supported by Sound and Music), during the station’s 70 day-long celebrations of its 70th birthday. It was the last piece of ten that I wrote over the 10-week period.

The title reflects the relationship between the instruments of the trio; at the start the piano plays a pointillistic toccata in rapid staccato notes, while the violin and cello play long melodic phrases together. (The results are perhaps comparable to points of light reflected in a flowing river.) Later the expansive string lines come more to the fore in a stiller section, which the piano responds to with quiet bell-like echoes.

Finally, all three instruments come together in a kind of reprise of the energetic opening, with dancing pizzicato notes in the strings to compliment the bursts of staccato notes and chords in the piano.

Glints in the Water was first recorded by Trio Isimsiz and broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 28 November 2016. The piece was dedicated to the composer’s mother on her 55th birthday.

Artwork: Glimpses in the Water by Sabine Kaner