Matthew Kaner

Hansel and Gretel: A Nightmare in Eight Scenes

Presented by Goldfield Productions, and touring throughout 2018, Hansel and Gretel is a re-imagining of the famous tale, created by a stellar artistic team. Enter a world of darkness and deception, a helter-skelter journey into ghostly landscapes and feasts of sugar…

The words of Simon Armitage retell the famous story in an extended lyrical poem entwined with chamber music by composer Matthew Kaner, one of the most original voices of his generation. With shadowplay and puppetry by renowned artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Hansel & Gretel presents an evocative collection of art-forms, drawing audiences into a uneasy yet curiously familiar landscape.

Through narration, song and chamber music, audiences can expect foreboding musical landscapes where string sonorities tug at the earth and glittering sugar-highs and poignant lyricism express the heartbreak of abandonment.

Kaner’s ensemble features an unusual dark-hued collective of viola, cello, cor anglais, clarinet and horn, supplemented by the eerie childhood sounds of toy pianos, music box and toy glockenspiel led by the remarkable story-teller and soprano Adey Grummet.

Suitable for ages 12+. For booking details and touring dates, visit the diary here.